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      Do you know that English people are crazy about cooking? Come to London this weekend and see for yourself! London is hosting the Taste Festival on 19-22 June in glorious Regent’s park. L’atelier des Chefs UK is going to be a part of this huge event…

      What is Taste of London? Imagine a picnic in a park. Now multiply it by thousands of people. Invite all the best restaurants in the area to contribute the food, and discerning vintners to bring the bottles. Make sure some of the guests are famous chefs happy to help out with cooking hints, and then organise live music to eat and drink by. Ladies and Gentlemen … this is Taste of London.

      Seen as 'One of the World's greatest food festivals' (Time Magazine, October 2007) Taste of London will be hosting over 40 of the capital's top restaurants among whom L’atelier des Chefs UK will be one. We’ll have a stand where you can cook delicious and simple recipes for free - in only 3 minutes!

      Come along and say hello - and have a good time cooking with our friendly chef!

      See you next week-end!

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