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      You can win a “60’Flat” class at L’atelier des Chefs like Sharon did!

      It is really easy:

      1- Come at our atelier to learn a new recipe

      2- Cook it again at home with at least 3 of your friends

      3- Take a picture of your meal with you and your guests

      4- Send us this picture and win a “60’Flat”!!!

      Sharon came for a “Cook, Eat and Run” class to cook : Monkfish on a lemongrass kebab with a spaghetti of courgettes and onions.

      According to Sharon: “It was delicious and so simple I decided to try it again at home and feed my husband, brother and his girlfriend. My son oversaw the entire event from his high chair - as pictured!”


      Admire the result!


      Who will be the next one??

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