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      It is such a grey day and I am feeling a bit under the weather again. I have kind of lost my appetite which is very strange for me it must be serious! While looking through our recipes I found rice pudding and I thought perfect! Nice and hot to warm me up and nice and sweet to cheer me up!


      Ingredients for 6 people

      • Pudding rice: 350g
      • Double cream: 150 cl
      • Vanilla pods: 2
      • Icing sugar: 250g
      • Milk: 150 cl


      Take the vanilla pods and with a small knife cut lengthways in 2, Scrape out the seeds and place into a heavy based pan. Add the milk, Cream, Icing sugar and rice to the pan and place onto a low heat. Cook for 20-25 minutes or until rice as absorbed the cream and milk. Make sure that you stir the rice frequently.

      The Chef's speciality Try using coconut milk instead of normal milk for a more exotic flavour

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