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      You only have 3 days left to join the free culinary contest that L’atelier des Chefs organises!

      Registrations will end on the 10th of November so log on now to ( and dash into the Cuisine cup adventure by posting a recipe for 4 people around salmon that you can cook within one hour.

      Bear in mind that you can win a 4 day trip to Norway, cookery classes at L’atelier des Chefs, household appliance...


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      "Crème brûlée" is a very famous and classical French recipe.

      A delicious recipe that is even better with liquorice! Actually, you can flavoured the crème brulee as you wish: with orange blossom, anise, liquorice, rose, pistachio...Arrange them in little eggcups like that and realise a trilogy of mini crèmes brûlées to impress your friends!


      Ingredients for 6 people:

      • 8 egg yolks
      • 5 g of liquorice powder
      • 40 cl of double cream
      • 100g of sugar
      • 40 cl of milk
      • Few pinches of brown sugar


      Preheat the oven to 100°C.

      Boil the milk and the double cream all together with the liquorice powder. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar. Add to this mixture the boiling milk with the cream and fill in the eggcups.

      Cook in the oven during 40 minutes at 100°C. Let cool them down then sprinkle some brown sugar on them and caramelise them with a blowtorch or with the grill of your oven.


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      Do you know that the atelier des Chefs prices are thoroughly studied in France before being displayed? Jean-Baptiste Florin is the manager in charge of this difficult and tricky task.


      It is not difficult to choose a tomato peeler or to make the Chefs think that the new gadget you present to them has to be sold in the shop. The most difficult for Jean Baptiste is an unthinkable mission: The whole delicatessen has to be tasted by our manager! It is necessary to choose quickly that is why he tastes lots of products. Good mood is required to taste some “Tapenade” at 9:00 in the morning!

      Jean-Baptiste made commercial studies in France and met Nicolas and Francois during his studies. He was impressed by the talent and the passion of these two brothers who created L’atelier des Chefs. JB joined L’atelier des Chefs to live a human experience! Even if it is pleasure to taste new products, JB sometimes spend bad times due to his job: one day he has to taste 60 products in only one hour for a sales representative!

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      L’atelier des Chefs is not only a cookery school for adults!

      Your kids can also come to cook and learn how to prepare delicious recipes with our chefs Tony and Baldwin.


      Every month we organise a class only for kids (parents are not allowed!) that lasts 1 hour and a half.

      From 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturday afternoon our chef will take care of your children who will prepare dishes that focus on a special event as Halloween, Christmas or on a culinary theme such as Asian, Italian, French or Mexican cuisine. After the cookery class, your children will enjoy their meal together at our atelier.

      The next “Kids can cook” class will run on Saturday the 22nd of November. During 1h30 your kids will learn recipes to prepare their birthday party: Children will cook Skewered ribbon salad, tuna and crunchy hummus spirals then they will learn how to prepare funny chocolate breadsticks and how to cook famous mini brownies with pecan nuts!

      Book for your kids right now ( enable them to organise their own birthday party!

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      ....with our Special Norwegian class at L’atelier des Chefs!

      Our chefs, Tony and Baldwin will train you during our fish classes for Cuisine Cup, our free culinary contest.

      Want to learn few tips about fish?

      Yes, there are some bones in fish. Yes, sometimes fish doesn’t smell good at all and an awfull flavour can spread over in your flat! No, fish do not allow you to have a better memory and to be more clever! is highly suggested to regularly eat some fish because it has high nutritional properties...I know that you have heard about omega 3 that protect your arteries by decreasing cholesterol...but above all, fish tastes so good!

      Did I convince you? So go right now to the fish merchant because you will cook some fish this evening!

      How to know your fish is fresh?
      If the fish eye is well rounded, convex, the scales are adherent and shiny, the gills are red, the abdomen is very firm and if the smell is soft, nice and light, your fish is fresh!

      Once you have made your choice, you need to "dress your fish" at home, that is to say, to scape it, to trim it, to empty it,to wash it and to wipe it before cooking it. Then, you can, remove the 2 fillets of a salmon or a sea bream, because these fish are said to have 2 fillets, remove the 4 fillets of a sole because there are also fish with 4 fillets.

      You do not have any recipe ideas? Ask our chefs, they will be very happy to help you!

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      You don’t have anything in your fridge? You want to relax and have fun?

      Come at L’atelier des Chefs to cook your dinner within an hour and get ready for Christmas time. Take your time with your friends to cook two recipes and enjoy eating them in a friendly atmosphere.

      Untill the 31st of December, L’atelier des Chefs offers you your first glass of wine in the evening, for the 60’Flat class at 7:00 pm, if you book with the PROMO CODE: FREEWINE.


      Fancy a chocolate soufflé, an Almond briouate with orange blossom, Pan fried scallops with parsnip puree flavoured with vanilla and citrus juice, Red snapper fillet, iced fennel scented with orange and pesto…

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      Thank you to all of you who took part in the Halloween quiz! Sophie created it and I have to say that it wasn’t so easy! I made a bad score: I only found 3 answers. I have to study for next year!

      Only one person found all the answers and this person is...EVA! Congratulation Eva, you win a cookery class at lunchtime at our atelier in London!

      Discover now the right answers to our quiz:

      1. Who first celebrated what we've come to know as Halloween?

      1.The Druids.

      2.The tradition of dressing up started because:

      1.We try to scare away evil spirits.

      3. What are young virgins said to see if they light a candle and look in the mirror on Halloween?

      3.Their future husband

      4. Where do vampires assemble on Halloween?

      2.They stay in - it's all too commercial


      5. Which of these 20th century American icons died on Halloween?

      2.River Phoenix

      6. From which phrase is the word Halloween derived?

      3.All Hallows Eve

      7. The Romans called Halloween Pomona Day. Who or what was Pomona?

      2.The goddess of fruits and gardens.

      8.Why is Halloween the busiest time of the year for David Bowman?

      3.He owns the UK's biggest pumpkin farm

      9.What were the first jack-o-lanterns made out of?



      10.By how much has spending on Halloween in Britain increased over the last five years?


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      What do you know about HALLOWEEN?


      Sophie prepared an Halloween quizz for you. Take the challenge today:

      1- Answer today to this Halloween quizz by sending me an email with your answers:

      2- The winner will get a free "Cook, Eat & Run" cookery class at L'atelier des Chefs!


      1-Who celebrated first what we've come to know as Halloween?

      1. The Druids
      2. The Romans
      3. The Christians

      2-The tradition of dressing up started because:

      1. We try to scare away evil spirits
      2. It's a way to honor the dead
      3. When the evil spirits came, they wouldn't recognize you

      3-What are young virgins said to see if they light a candle and look in the mirror on Halloween?

      1. A dead relative
      2. A ghost
      3. Their future husband
      4. Their future self

      4-Where do vampires assemble on Halloween?

      1. In a pub in Camden
      2. They stay in - it's all too commercial
      3. Transylvania
      4. Their local cemetery

      5-Which of these 20th century American icons died on Halloween?

      1. Jeff Buckley
      2. River Phoenix
      3. Kurt Cobain
      4. James Dean

      6-From which phrase is the word Halloween derived?

      1. Hello, weenie one
      2. Hell of an evening
      3. All Hallows Eve
      4. Hall of screams

      7-The Romans called Halloween Pomona Day. Who or what was Pomona?

      1. The town where the Romans first celebrated Pomona Day
      2. The goddess of fruits and gardens
      3. The place where evil spirits dwell

      8-Why is Halloween the busiest time of the year for David Bowman?

      1. He heads a theatre company that re-enacts Hammer horror films
      2. He runs Britain's biggest fancy dress shop
      3. He owns the UK's biggest pumpkin farm
      4. He is Britain's chief vampire

      9-What were the first jack-o-lanterns made out of?

      1. Pumpkins
      2. Marrows
      3. Turnips

      10-By how much have British Halloween spending increased over the last five years?

      1. 50%
      2. 100%
      3. 900%
      4. 600%

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      Oct 08

      Celebrate Halloween today by cooking a funny dessert: Pumpkin Tartlets with liquorice


      Ingredients for 6 people:

      • 400 g of pumpkin
      • 30 g of butter
      • 100 g of sugar
      • 1 puff pastry roll
      • 1 liquorice roll


      Preheat the oven at 180°C

      Peel and cut the pumpkin in little cubes.

      In a pan, put the sugar and let it melt until it becomes caramel. As soon as it is brown and homogenous, take off the pan from the fire and add the butter. Put the pan again on the fire and add the pumpkin. Wait for the caramel to be liquid and blend the mixture with a wooden spoon. Take it out of the fire.

      Cut 6 rounds in the puff pastry with a tartlet mould. Put the pumpkin cubes in the tartlet moulds. Put the puff pastry rounds on them and put the edge of the puff pastry inside of the mould.

      Put in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve luck warm and enjoy!

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      Tomorrow is the 31st of October...yes we are already at the end of Ocotber...Time flies....

      What happens on the 31st of October?? This is Halloween! As a child, you perhaps used to go out in the streets, dressed up as a vampir, to ask for sweets. Your mother used to cook some pumpkim recipes and you used to celebrate Halloween with friends. Now you are not a kid anymore but you can still enjoy delicious pumpkin recipes and have fun for Halloween!

      L'atelier des Chefs organises special Halloween classes tomorrow:

      - Come in the morning to cook during one hour Pumpkin risotto with mushrooms and tarragon scented with cinnamon as a main course and then enjoy a delicious dessert, Pumpkins and plums caramelised and served in a glass

      - Prepare Mini pumpkins stuffed with chicken and tarragon for your lunch in only 30 minutes

      - In the afternoon, children will cook lollies and do pumpkin carving with our chef

      Do something different for Halloween this Friday!

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