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      Here we are, London! Jérôme and Sev, well known faces to our regular Parisian customers, are now in the heart of the amazing English capital as the faces of L’atelier des Chefs’s first UK branch. After tearful goodbyes, our proud representatives have crossed the Channel to work hard for the opening of a beautiful atelier ready to welcome you from 4th July.

      Want to know more about these two funny guys who left us in France for a thrilling adventure?

      * Educations?

      Jérôme: After HEC (French Business school), I worked in a small company for a year. I met, at the club of the former students, Nicolas Bergerault who was establishing L’atelier des Chefs. It happened in December 2004 and I became the first employee on the 3rd of January 2005.

      Sev: Between 2002 and 2005, I followed a management formation in hotel trade and restoration at Paul Bocuse institute in Lyon. I joined the team in February 2006 and became the 10th employee.

      * Why do you want to work at L’atelier des Chefs?

      Jérôme: I love the spirit of L’atelier des Chefs. Anything is possible. It is a company in which everybody is active all the time, and we listen the costumer. Moreover, the Kitchen is an amazing and a sympathetic place…thank you Chefs!!

      Sev: I had heard about L’atelier des Chefs in my previous job. I immediately loved the concept and jumped at the opportunity.

      * As the intermediary between the Chefs and the customers, do you have anything you’d like to say about either of them?

      Jérôme: I have so much admiration for the chefs: they combine sympathy, passion and creativity. They showed me I was able to cook (yeay!). Today, they are the heart of L’atelier des Chefs because they show that cooking can be accessible and fun at the same time. L’atelier des Chefs’ costumers are people like us, in the same age bracket: mostly 25/45 year olds. Thanks to the kitchen, which is a place where people from different walks of life come together, it’s really easy to speak to either a 20 year old or someone who’s retired. Every day we meet highly passionate and fascinating people. It is really enriching!

      Sev: As a manager I have a strong rapport with our chefs. We are in permanent contact. There is no conflict between chefs and other people as it is sometimes seen in more traditional restoration mediums. Chefs have so much to teach us. As far as our costumers are concerned, they come to L’atelier des Chefs to have fun, for their own pleasure. I have been there for two years and I have seen evolving faithful pupils who keep us informed on their culinary development and their private life. Strong bonds can grow thanks to the user-friendliness permitted by L’atelier des Chefs.

      * Are you a cooker or an eater?

      Jérôme: Both!! I have learned to enjoy cooking at L’atelier des Chefs. I adore eating what I have cooked and I love it when people can taste what I have prepared. Since working at L’atelier des Chefs, I have learned to try my very best because my friends put a big pressure on me when I receive them.

      Sev: A big eater: I benefit from the talents of the chefs.

      * Savoury or sweet?

      Jérôme: Salty! Generally I like sweet and sour dishes but I am crazy about pork, and I eat as much of it in whichever form I can…Actually, I really wasn’t keen on desserts before meeting Jean-Sebastien, who had promised to me he would teach me to love them…

      Sev: Salty. I eat a chorizo-parmesan sandwich every day at 11 am

      * What’s the most bizarre request you’ve had at L’atelier des Chefs?

      Jérôme: A ‘Cook, Eat & Run’ pupil once asked me by email to forward a love letter to a charming young lady he had met during a class. He had had a true love at first sight! After an inquiry to know if she was single and if she would agree to receive this letter, I sent it to her. I never found out what happened next…

      Sev: Someone asked me if he could hire the entire Atelier des Chefs in Penthièvre, the sourrounding streets and the flats above it for a proposal. This is love…

      * Do you have projects for L’atelier des Chefs?

      Jérôme: LONDON!! L’atelier des Chefs opens soon in London and I’m proud to be part of this amazing adventure! English people are crazy about cooking, especially French cooking. Our atelier will be close to Oxford Circus and English people would be able to discover our “Cook, eat & run” at lunch-time from the 4th of July. We will have 2 kitchens on 2 floors which will satisfy every request: we will be able to welcome the general public and businessmen at the same time. Don’t forget that there are 300 000 French people in London and 20 Million Londoners!

      Sev: Opening L’atelier des Chefs in London of course and developing our concept in the whole United Kingdom. England, here we are!

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