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      Every Wednesday on the atelier des Chefs blog Sophie our retail manager would like to share with you her item of the week. She is very passionate about cookery products and is forever looking new products that we can use. The lastest item she has found for us is the 'Salad plant' the ultimate salad decoration!

      Material: Melamine

      Dimensions: h. 44 cm w. 11 cm d. 6.5 cm

      I really love it, it is perfect for BBQ's and garden parties or as birthday present!

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      Plate up like a professional! With our great metal ring impress your friends with the simpliest dishes.

      From a tomato mozzarella to any kind of tartare, dress easily amazing plates, a Parma Ham and goat cheeseMillefeuille to a delicious Cod brandade.

      If you are interested in any of our kitchenware feel free to visit our boutique between Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm

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      Feb 09

      As you know here at L'atelier des Chefs we have a boutique selling all the cooking equipment that we use, as well as some of the ingredients. In the last couple of days we have had numerous amounts of men franticly looking for gift ideas for their loved ones. So if you are stuck for ideas here are a couple of suggestions that may help:

      For Her:- Chocolate fondue set - Small cocottes Le Creuset (available in a variety of colours) - Silicone oven gloves ( available in Red & Turquoise) - Macaroon kit - tea tube and small moulds for tea cups

      For Him:- Spherification kit 30-40% OFF - Knives - Apron

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      'Diamond is a girl's best friend...'

      Our revolutionary range of Kyocera knives and graters are - quite literally - cutting-edge.

      Shunning conventional steel for the diamond-like technical material Zirconia, they are a smoother, cleaner and stay sharper for considerably longer.

      Their smooth surface makes for effortless slicing, as well as being neutral to taste. Fruit and veg will quiver with fear when you bring one home... so don't forget that in our boutique you can come and 'Try Before You Buy'.

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      I love macaroons !!!

      Actually, people think it is really difficult to cook macaroons but if you have all the good tools I can promise you that you will do a good job and impress your friends by offering them macaroons with their tea!

      Sophie created a macaroon kit at L’atelier des Chefs to enable you to cook again at home the macaroons you will learn to cook during our “All About...macaroons” class.

      You will need:

      • Piping bags
      • Exopat ( silicone tray)
      • Baking Tray
      • Chinese....

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      L’atelier des Chefs is not only a cooking school! This is also a place where you can find professional kitchenware selected by our chefs.

      After each class you can find all the utensils you need in our shop to cook again your recipes at home.

      If you can’t come at our atelier ( what a pitty...!) there is another option: do your shopping online!

      Thanks to our partner,, you can order products that L'atelier des Chefs has selected for you. Discover the tools our chefs use every day in the cooking classes:



      You'll save time and money!

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      You want to impress your guests by cooking something different ? You want to surprise your friends ? You’re trying to cook lighter meals ?

      Try the mousse and sauce dispenser!


      This metal dispenser is specially designed for hot and cold preparations such as fruit and vegetable mousses, sauces, creams and whipped cream. Be innovative in your kitchen and take inspiration from the greatest chefs: asparagus mousse, fish mousse, strawberry mousse, crème caramel, chestnut espuma...


      The chef's recipe: Coffee Espuma

      Ingredients for 6 persons:

      • 35 cl of milk
      • 4 egg yolks
      • 150 g of cream
      • 10g of Nescafé
      • 55 crush coffee beans
      • 2 sheets of jelly
      • 85 g of sugar


      Let the jelly sheets into cold water for 10 minutes. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar. Boil the milk, add the coffee beans and then seep the mixture in a thin strainer. Add the eggs to the boiling milk. Cook again to 83°C, cool down in a bowl that you can put on ice. Add the jelly and the freeze-dried Nescafé.

      Put the mixture in the dispenser. Add one or two cartridges of air, shake, mix and trap.

      Do not wait to enjoy it!

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      Why to use this condiment?

      Thanks to its transparent, clear consistency it is ideal for sauces, white meat and fish as it does not darken or alter the original color of the food. Its characteristic flower-scented aroma and sweet and sour, fresh and well balanced, harmonic taste, make it ideal for all uses.


      This wine vinegar is aged in oak barrels. A little seeds in the bottom of the bottle testify the genuineness of the product and it’s not going to compromise the qualitative characteristics of this wine vinegar. Unlike wine vinegar, this condiment has a more complex production process, and some familiar characteristic: an intense fragrance, thickness and flavour, a fruity bouquet and an agreeable bittersweet taste.

      It is recommended to flavour and enrich many courses, especially poultry and fish, as well as steamed vegetables and fresh salads.

      The Chef’s recipe :

      Fillet of cod with a white balsamic glaze and beetroot

      Ingredients for 6 people:

      • 6 Fillets of Cod
      • 500 g of precooked beetroots
      • 2 red onions
      • 50 cl of White balsamic vinegar
      • A quarter bundle of dill
      • 20 cl of honey
      • 10 cl of olive oil


      1-Start off by making the vinaigrette so that it can infuse: Take the red onion and cut the top off, leave the root on. Cut in half and peel. Place half of the onion on the board and make a horizontal cut towards the root (do not cut all of the way) next make vertical cuts along the top of the onion. Turn the onion and cut into small dice. Add the ‘picked’ leaves of dill and white balsamic. Combine all of the ingredients and add a pinch of salt.

      2-Use a mandolin to finely slice the beetroot. You can place the sliced beetroot straight onto your serving plate.

      3-Take the cod and search for ‘pin’ bones use your hands to do this. When you find the bones take the fish tweezers and remove the persistent!

      4-Heat a non stick pan to a high temperature, add the olive oil and fry the cod skin side down. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes turn the fish over and finish cooking for a further 3 minutes.

      5-Deglaze the pan with white balsamic and honey.

      6-Serve the fish on top of the beetroot and spray your vinaigrette on and around the fish.

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      An innovative silicone springform mould that is made of a flexible silicone ring and ceramic base.

      Sophie, our shop manager you met yesterday on our blog, is fond of this useful kitchenware and would like to introduce you this item.

      This silicone kitchenware can be put in your oven, microwave (and also in your freezer) because it is heat resistant. You can easily join and remove the superior non stick silicone ring thanks to a pin. Your cake can be served straight from the scratch resistant ceramic base.

      Why don’t you cook a delicious Raspberry cheesecake today ? Our chef’s recipe…

      Ingredients for 6 persons:

      • 100 gr of double cream
      • 300gr of philadelphia cheese
      • 4 egg yolk
      • 5 egg whites
      • 80 gr of butter
      • 6 cl of cream
      • 80 gr of sugar
      • 100 gr of fresh raspberries
      • 1 lime
      • 80 gr of biscuit (digestive)
      • 2 cl of water


      Preheat the oven at 160 degrees celcius.

      Mix in a bowl the 4 egg yolks, cream, sugar, philadelphia, and the double cream. Add the lime zest. Ground the raspberries with a fork and add them to the cheese mixture.

      Whip in another bowl the egg whites untill snow. Fold them gently in the cheese mixture, with as much air as possible.

      Mix in a bowl the biscuits, butter and the water. Obtain a nice homogenous paste.

      Spread the biscuit paste at the bottom of the springform. Pour the cheese mixture on it.

      Cook the cheesecake in an oven for 15-20 minutes. Take it out and let it rest for 30 minutes. Take of the silicon part. Serve it on the ceramic base when it is cold.

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