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      We have had a lot of curiosity and interest in our guest chef James Campbell, so here is a little background info.

      After leaving school at 17 years old James started his career at Cameron house hotel, Loch lomond. Since then his career has taken him all over the world and eventually returning to London where he is Head Pastry Chef at the award winning Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where he actively par-takes in various training and cookery demonstrations as far a field as Malaysia He has recently been made a member of the Academy of culinary arts.

      • He is currently the executive pastry chef at The Admiral Crichton Event Company in London.
      • April 2004- Present - Mandarin Oriental London, Head Pastry Chef
      • May 2003-March 2004 - Restaurant Bathers Pavilion, Sydney
      • October 2001- November 2002- City Rhodes, London, Head Pastry Chef Michelin
      • September 2000- October 2001- Rhodes in the Square , London, Head Pastry Chef Michelin
      • August 1999-September 2000 - Rhodes & Co, Edinburgh, Head Pastry Chef
      • April 1996-August 1999 - Champanny Inn, Linlithgow, Head Pastry Chef
      • May 1995-April 1996 - The Beardmore Hotel, Clydebank, Chef De Partie
      • December1994-May 1995 - Earl O Morray Inn, Linlithgow, Chef De Partie
      • April 1994-December 1994 - Darroch Learg Hotel, Ballater, Commis Chef
      • April 1992-April 1994 - Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond, Commis Chef

      So that is James' background anything else you might like to know? I have two extra random facts

      1. He is allergic to fish - lucky there are no fish desserts
      2. He has a strong Scotish accent (well I did say they were random)

      All sounds very impressive if you would like to meet them man himself we still have spaces on the Chocolate masterclass this Saturday 4th April 3pm- 7pm!

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      The best part of my job is speaking to customers (I can be a bit of a chatter box) and building relationships. I was very pleased to recieve this lovely email which has made us all very proud to be part of L'atelier des Chefs.


      "My daughter, Tessa, and her friend, Tom recently attended your Cook, Eat and Run Day (6th Feb.). I just want to express my thanks for the wonderful time you gave them. It was their first time to London on their own and the weather was atrocious, so you can imagine , we were a little anxious! But the reception you gave them was so warm and friendly and the cooking was so interesting and enjoyable that I am not exaggerating when I say that you made their day. So once again thank you very much for everything, One grateful mum, Carolyn."

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      We are very happy to welcome our new marketing intern Becky.

      During the next six months she will be your new "blogmaster"..

      By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you !

      Sophie & the whole team of L'atelier des Chefs

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      Our wonderful Capucine came back to France on Sunday after 6 months with us

      We will miss her a lot, especially after all she has done for L'atelier des Chefs and the blog.

      So THANKS CAPUCINE again & again..

      The whole team of L'atelier des Chefs

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      You can win a “60’Flat” class at L’atelier des Chefs like Sharon did!

      It is really easy:

      1- Come at our atelier to learn a new recipe

      2- Cook it again at home with at least 3 of your friends

      3- Take a picture of your meal with you and your guests

      4- Send us this picture and win a “60’Flat”!!!

      Sharon came for a “Cook, Eat and Run” class to cook : Monkfish on a lemongrass kebab with a spaghetti of courgettes and onions.

      According to Sharon: “It was delicious and so simple I decided to try it again at home and feed my husband, brother and his girlfriend. My son oversaw the entire event from his high chair - as pictured!”


      Admire the result!


      Who will be the next one??

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      One of the first price of Cuisine Cup is a journey to Norway to discover this beautiful country. Three of our chefs, Alexandre Luccioni, Philippe Kratz and Jean-Sebastien Bompoil were invited to “le Bocuse d'Or” and had the opportunity to visit the Norwegian fish farms and to discover the Norwegian gastronomy. Jean-Sebastien tells us here their amazing journey.

      Day one: The trip

      Philippe, Alexandre and I took a flight in Roissy to go to Stavanger, in Norway. This was a quick direct flight of only two and a half hours, without important formalities (as soon as we stay in the Schengen zone) and without any jet lag. We arrived at the hotel at 10:30 pm in the city centre, close to the harbour. First observation: it is only 13 ° C! By 2h30, we lost 7 ° C.

      Day one: The farm visits

      The next day we woke up at 6:30 am and had a hearty breakfast. The menu was like in all international hotels, except for some local cheeses and especially a wide variety of kippers: kipper with cream, with dill, slightly acid ... One hour later, we took a fast shuttle: a nice boat almost private. We could feel that we were in the north, in the far north: the temperature did not exceed 12 °and the sky was overcast. After a welcoming coffee, we could admire the majestic fjords of Norway. The sea is omnipresent in Norway: 90% of Norwegian people live within 10 km of the shoreline. After a two hour travel, we discovered the haven where the famous halibut lives: the king-fish of Norway.

      The dark halibut is a fish that lives in the seabed. It can reach 2 m 50 long and weigh 100kg! It is a flat fish with four fillets and a black back - the white spots on this picture are due to the brightness. Like the sole and turbot, this fish likes quiet and flat seabed. This fish is really difficult to rise and that is why it is a big challenge for Norwegian farmers.

      It takes four months to get a 5 pound fish raised in open sea cages. The alevins arrive from hatcheries. The future halibuts are parked in large cages of 25 square meters and 30 meters deep - there are 600 m of water under the cage! The density of fish is calculated in pieces per sq. m., and the cage is divided into stages, depending on the number of halibut to rise. To avoid them to stay at the bottom of the cage, they immerse large floating buoys (the yellow buoys you see in the centre of the pool) that hold large nets - Imagine a plate pile . So there is a huge flat bottom in a closed space.

      The farm is fully automated, so that its maintenance requires only three people who relay each other. Their food which is 100% natural is given at the centre of the cages and is stopped when the fish stop eating - then the fish cease to swim and raise the bottom. All cages are monitored by cameras-robots that can detect the slightest problems. Every week, a diver checks all equipment and the nets.

      The halibut production is very low (1400 tonnes per year). The major consuming countries are Japan, the USA and England (As you know, we organise Special cod and white halibut classes in London: ). According to the orders and once a week, a ship-pool takes the mature halibuts to a cutting workshop before shipping. It is a kind of giant vacuum cleaner that takes the fish in the cages without damaging them, thanks to a pressurization system.

      We left this farm to reach one of the 800 salmon farms spread along the Norwegian coast. It was quite simple to find this farm: it is at the bottom on the right, well hidden in the heart of a fjord and landed in the centre of a sea stream which ensures a maximum renewal of the water.

      This is an experimental farm, built for optimum quality fish. The salmon spend 14 months in those open sea cages. The eggs are raised in hatcheries, and then each alevin is vaccinated before becoming a salmon. The food is very strict: salmon have their own nutrition coaches! The granules are mainly composed of fish, plants and oil. As soon as the salmon are omnivorous, they must receive various foods. But it also respects environmental standards: it must not include more than one kilo of fish for a kilo of salmon produced. The cages seem to be crowded, but this is normal: the salmon is a sociable fish, which needs other salmons to develop correctly.

      Like halibut farms, each farm is high secured. Cameras and automation are required. No loss of food and optimization of the natural environment are also required: everything must be as natural as possible.

      That is why there is no treatment against sea fleas (a scourge for salmon). A small fish put in the cages is in charge of the cleaning. What happens in case of illness? The problem occurs very rarely, because all the fish are vaccinated; after a diagnosis, a state representative comes, and faxes a prescription for the treatment. The treated fish will not be sold as soon as the analysis will show antibiotic residues. Thanks to this drastic control, last year Norway used only 137 kilograms of antibiotics for a production of 720 000 tons of salmon.

      What is the result? A perfect salmon. The Norwegians are very rigorous people and continue their research to provide a better salmon. Generally, fish are sent whole and cut in the welcoming countries (in France for example, there is a cutting workshop in Arras).

      According to the method used, it is possible to act on the texture of the flesh. Generally, fish is put aside 24 to 48 hours before being cut. This delay allows the flesh to relax, facilitating cutting and fish bone removal. However, it is also possible to remove the fillets just after the slaughter on high quality salmon. By taking off the salmon back before the rigor mortis arrives, the flesh texture is thinner, and that is perfect for sushi, for example.

      We also ate some whale during our trip. Norway and Japan are the only countries in the world authorized to hunt this animal and to eat it (be careful: the quantities are monitored by the government and the export is strictly prohibited. That is why it can be consumed only at certain periods of the year in these countries). We came back to France with lots of memories after this amazing trip to Norway!

      If you want to learn how to cook white halibut and cod from Norway log on to our webstite and book right now for the Special Norwegian classes: Thanks to a partnership with NORGE you will only pay the half price of the class, that is to say £18 for a one hour class instead of £36!! Fancy Norwegian fish???

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      Do you know that the atelier des Chefs prices are thoroughly studied in France before being displayed? Jean-Baptiste Florin is the manager in charge of this difficult and tricky task.


      It is not difficult to choose a tomato peeler or to make the Chefs think that the new gadget you present to them has to be sold in the shop. The most difficult for Jean Baptiste is an unthinkable mission: The whole delicatessen has to be tasted by our manager! It is necessary to choose quickly that is why he tastes lots of products. Good mood is required to taste some “Tapenade” at 9:00 in the morning!

      Jean-Baptiste made commercial studies in France and met Nicolas and Francois during his studies. He was impressed by the talent and the passion of these two brothers who created L’atelier des Chefs. JB joined L’atelier des Chefs to live a human experience! Even if it is pleasure to taste new products, JB sometimes spend bad times due to his job: one day he has to taste 60 products in only one hour for a sales representative!

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      You don’t have anything in your fridge? You want to relax and have fun?

      Come at L’atelier des Chefs to cook your dinner within an hour and get ready for Christmas time. Take your time with your friends to cook two recipes and enjoy eating them in a friendly atmosphere.

      Untill the 31st of December, L’atelier des Chefs offers you your first glass of wine in the evening, for the 60’Flat class at 7:00 pm, if you book with the PROMO CODE: FREEWINE.


      Fancy a chocolate soufflé, an Almond briouate with orange blossom, Pan fried scallops with parsnip puree flavoured with vanilla and citrus juice, Red snapper fillet, iced fennel scented with orange and pesto…

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      Nassera, an atelier des chefs’addicted, came to visit us in London on the 8th of October. Let’s discover her funny story!

      "As usually we met with my colleagues at L’atelier des Chefs in “Les galeries Lafayette” in Paris to spend a nice time together ( It is a way to keep in touch and to see each other as we do not work on the same missions) and to relax by cooking fresh products with our Chef Nicolas. Nicolas told us a lot about L’atelier des Chefs in London and answered all our questions about the opening day, the Chefs... After the class one of my colleagues told us:”What about doing the next class in London?” and I retorted: “ Who will dare??”

      The next day, I had a looked at the Eurostar tickets and at the new atelier in Wigmore street on the website. I called London to know the menu and I also praid to have a nice weather on the date we had chosen.

      We took one day off on the 8th of October with my colleague Christian and came to L’atelier des Chefs in London to cook Large vol au vent stuffed with creamy chicken and mushrooms. We spent a wonderful time at L’atelier des Chefs and a nice sunny day in London. It was our way to inaugurate this new atelier!

      What did we win for our bet? Only happiness!"


      (From the left to the right: Jerome, Christian, Nassera, Baldwin, Romain)

      We were really please to meet you, Nassera. If you come back to London, keep an eye on our menus, we are waiting for you!


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      Want to meet our new manager Sophie?

      Sophie is our new retail manager and as she’s been here a month now we thought it was time to introduce her properly. She does a great job in our shop helping you to get the very best in kitchenware for your home.. and for gifts. She’s funny, active and seems to run everywhere all the time. Plus, she is always smiling.


      Want to know more about this funny and active girl who runs everywhere all the time and who is always smiling?

      1) Education before L’atelier des Chefs?

      I grew on the road with my family as my father was a rock singe. My mum was an aristocrat, so as you can imagine, I had an unusual childhood… I didn’t even go to school before the age of 11 - my mother taught me everything, from learning to read and write to religion classes, latin and all sorts of other classes. All of this, in addition to the rock gigs every single night was an explosive mixture! One day, the 27th of October 1994, everything changed. My father decided I had to have the possibility to choose my future. So I arrived in Paris & my father started a career as a music journalist.

      That is when I decided to become a famous economist. I wanted a Nobel prize for Economics (who knows … maybe one day!) and I worked hard. Universities, College and then business school, which I finished two years ago. Then I started work in strategic consulting.

      2) Why did you want to work at L’atelier des Chefs?

      I realized that I wasn’t born to spend all day sitting behind my laptop. I realised that I missed something, something which was essential to me: human contact!

      But I was born work in a communicative environment – to see the smile on people’s faces when they’ve had a good day.

      L’atelier des Chefs turned my dream into reality. I discovered it was possible to combine my two ambitions – to help people and have communicate with them.

      3) Savoury or sweet?

      Savoury with no hesitation: boeuf bourguignon, choucroute, pot-au-feu, tartiflette, jacket potatoes, sausages, meat pies...!!

      4) Do you like cooking?

      I love cooking. It’s the perfect way to spend time: it makes people happy, proud of themselves, relaxed… It is also a pleasure to be able to have friends over, to cook a delicious diner, with the right wine, and sit around a nicely laid table. I am proud to work in an area that brings this pleasure to people.

      5) What is the most amazing thing that happened to you at L’atelier des Chefs?

      Cooking in this amazing kitchen. And this happens... every day !

      6) Do you have any ambitions at L’atelier des Chefs?

      After living on the road for 11 years it is difficult to consider myself as a sedentary person. I love this company and feel well in my job. I hope it will last as long as possible.

      7) And a last word?

      I am thrilled to join this team. I know I’ll be happy in London … as I already am !

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