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      Our wonderful Capucine came back to France on Sunday after 6 months with us

      We will miss her a lot, especially after all she has done for L'atelier des Chefs and the blog.

      So THANKS CAPUCINE again & again..

      The whole team of L'atelier des Chefs

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      L'atelier des Chefs is open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday the 21st of December to enable you to do your Christmas shopping.

      You do not have any idea? Why not offering cookery classes or clever kitchenware ?


      We will be pleased to welcome you, to show you around and to give you our advice!

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      A quick and tasty sauce to add to your festive menus. The perfect caramel sauce for so many desserts: chestnut Mille Feuille, Pineapple Crumble, Macaroons, Chocolate Soufflé with a pear stuffing, Confit Apples...


      It’s simple

      Serve: 6


      200g caster sugar 40g salted butter 100ml double cream


      Sprinkle the sugar into hot pan and let it caramelise, taking care not to stir it. Instead, tip the pan from side to side a little, to make sure that all of the sugar melts, and it starts to have a lovely russet colour. Melt the butter on a low heat in a separate pan. Once melted, add the double cream and then mix into the sugar.

      A Tip from the Chef…

      Feel free to add some spices to the mix if you fancy a bit of kick, or some seasonal flavours!

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      'Diamond is a girl's best friend...'

      Our revolutionary range of Kyocera knives and graters are - quite literally - cutting-edge.

      Shunning conventional steel for the diamond-like technical material Zirconia, they are a smoother, cleaner and stay sharper for considerably longer.

      Their smooth surface makes for effortless slicing, as well as being neutral to taste. Fruit and veg will quiver with fear when you bring one home... so don't forget that in our boutique you can come and 'Try Before You Buy'.

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      With the weather this cold I thought we’d warm you up with our hearty cream of asparagus soup:

      Serves: 6

      • 18 shoots of green asparagus
      • 100 ml of double cream
      • 2 onions
      • 1 garlic clove
      • 50g of butter
      • 2 tbs olive oil
      • A generous pinch of Salt



      Peel and thinly slice the onions. Chop the asparagus tips into slices 1cm thick, keeping the heads to one side.

      Heat 1 tbs of the olive oil in a pan, sweat the onions and garlic, then add some salt and the asparagus cubes. Season and add some water until all of the ingredients are covered. Leave on a rolling boil for 6 minutes.

      Chop the asparagus heads into strips and let them marinate in 1 tbs of olive oil and some salt and pepper. Drain the cooked asparagus tips and the onions. Put them in a blender. Add a part of the water stock and mix with the butter and the double cream.


      Pour the soup into your favourite bowls and decorate with the marinated asparagus. Enjoy!

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