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      Today was a special day ! Food and cuisine lovers have attended a class upstairs for the first time!
      During the 2 sessions of “Cook, Eat & Run”, the delicious flavours of the duck aiguillettes enrobed with honey and soya sauce and red radish have spread out till Cavendish square!


      No injuries (kidding), and no deserts left...


      Want to take a nice break at lunch tomorrow? We still have some seats left...

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      Aaaaah, Wigmore Street. A long and nice street with plenty of shops, restaurants... and one cookery school! Maybe last time you came, you did not spot us at the instant...

      It is over now! Since Friday, we have a flashy red logo hanged on our frontage and you are now able to read “L’atelier des Chefs” in big red letters above the front door! No excuses for not seeing us next time!


      However, do not feel sorry if you cannot see red. I will be very happy to help you on the phone if you are lost!

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      I was waiting for clients last Friday for the 60’ Flat class when a man I had already seen somewhere arrived. Indeed, this man called Jean Francois Laurent is one of our most famous clients of L’atelier des Chefs in France!


      Jean Francois was the winner of the cookery competition called “it is your Cook, Eat & Run” thanks to his amazing course: Chicken fillet with grapefruit and duo of courgettes and mushrooms.

      All our chefs got to cook the recipe with the participants of the day in June in France and Belgium...

      Jean Francois came from Lille, and he lives now in London and was eagerly waiting for us to open in Wigmore Street! After the class, I asked Jean Francois if he had enjoyed it. He smiled at me and answered me: “I always spend a good time at L’atelier des Chefs, I definitely will come back!”

      Maybe next time you come, you’ll be cooking with him!

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      The lucky ones who already came in L’atelier know our cosy professional kitchen downstairs... But now you will be also able to cook in the kitchen on the ground floor... the one you can see when you enter into our atelier!


      This kitchen is surrounded by windows... you would almost feel in a TV show! The window roof enables the sun light to come into the kitchen. It illuminates your dishes and may get you a little suntan...

      To give you a quick look on it, here are pictures taken this morning before the class.


      Come and discover it when you want. We’ll be happy to show you around!

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      You didn’t take holidays yet? This summer L’atelier des Chefs takes you around the world at night! And you’ll be able to cook for your friends as if you went abroad...

      Baldwin makes you travel around European countries: Italia, Spain, France, Norway...! No need to go to Stansted or Gatwick to taste wonderful dishes.

      You can even fly to New York, Mexico , Tokyo or relax on beaches of Martinique, Cuba... or Corsica! Sushi, Cuban Courgette flower filled with dublin bay prawn, French spareribs enrobed with honey and balsamic vinegar, chutney of crispy vegetables, or Corsican squids stuffed and roasted with pancetta and crude ham… yammy.

      Enjoy the summer, even in Central London. Camera and shorts required...


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      Perhaps you have already attended a class in our brand new atelier which opened last Friday!

      For the opening, our fellow cookers have prepared with Baldwin, our Chef, a delicious “Fillet of cod with soya and honey glazed with mushrooms polenta!”


      Let’s have a quick look on our atelier for those of you who did not have the chance or the time to come to visit us!


      See you soon!

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      This is happening! L’atelier des Chefs has opened July 4th! Our team is complete and you can now meet them in flesh and bones when you come in Wigmore Street! But in the team, you may want to know who is... Baldwin, our Chef!

      Our traveller and backpacker has agreed to answer few questions!

      1) Education before L’atelier des Chefs?

      I followed a double training during 5 years as a chef and in hotel/restaurant management. Then, I worked in Japan at Okura, in Caribbeans, in New York at Soho House and in Guadeloupe before coming to Paris to work at L’atelier des Chefs.

      2) How did you discover your love for cooking?

      When I was a child, I loved cooking and I had this lucky gift. When I was 8, I already knew what I wanted to do and I chose my education to become a chef as soon as possible.

      3) Why did you want to work at L’atelier des Chefs?

      I like this kind of teaching, in classes that enable to transmit my knowledge and passion. L’atelier des Chefs in London is a great and wonderful opportunity for me because London is on its way to become the world culinary place. Borders are more blurred, which boosts culinary varieties and creativity.

      4) Savoury or sweet?

      Both, I do not have any preferences, it depends on my mood. As a main savoury dish, I love ‘chao min’ (chicken) which is an Indonesian and Surinam speciality. I discovered these kinds of courses in Amsterdam due to a strong melting pot. I also love Japanese cooking. As a sweet dish, I love macaroons, but I prefer liquorice which is the national sweet in Holland (!) You can find lots of different flavours and forms of liquorice over there.

      5) What do you prefer to cook?

      I do not have any preferences either. Actually, I really love cooking fish due to the fact I spent few years in Japan and also because I used to work in West India where we used to immediately cook the fish we had caught. It is so great to cook fresh products!

      6) Which class do you prefer at L’atelier des Chefs?

      It depends. I like the ‘Cook, Eat and Run’ class at lunchtime because it is really challenging to prepare a meal in only 30 minutes and to make people happy. The rhythm is quite fast! Furthermore, the ‘All About’ class enables us to work more precisely.

      7) Do you have any best moment in the day?

      I do not prefer any part of the day but I have to assess I am not an early owl!

      8) Do you have any remarks to do on your pupils?

      I have not been working at L’atelier des Chefs for a long time but I can say that they are really welcoming.

      9) How is a Chef in private life?

      It is really hard to live with a Chef! I am as strict at home as at work, I want to do everything. At the contrary, when I get out in a restaurant, I am off and I am a customer like the others.

      10) Do you have any ambitions at L’atelier des Chefs?

      First I really would like to take part in the success of L’atelier des Chefs in London and participate in the growing of our concept in the Anglo-Saxon countries. This amazing adventure is waiting for you!

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